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Without a doubt, the kitchen is the sanctuary of many homeowners in Los Angeles. Your kitchen not only lays the foundation to prepare and eat meals but also to spend time with family or friends, a place for more or less serious chats or confessions over tea, coffee, and homemade sweets. You probably remember from your own childhood memories that the kitchen lives – the place where aromas wafter, food is crafted, beverages are being poured, and your mother’s singing voice fills the room. Below, we a Los Angeles kitchen remodeling company present the know-how for everyone who is planning a kitchen renovation. Here’s everything you should keep in mind – kitchen remodeling from A to Z.

Smartest Areas to Invest in a Kitchen Remodel

When renovating your home, be it a kitchen, bathroom, or living room, we often create a list of savings and splurges. But how to construct a practical guide that we can follow by implementing smart ways to spend our budget on the essentials and save where possible? Which areas of our kitchen are worth investing in?

Spending money wisely includes considering all the essential items that need investing. For instance, appliances are crucial features in any kitchen. Aim for high-quality and energy-efficient equipment backed by warranties that will fit your family’s needs. If you have a big household or like to host parties in Los Angeles, consider investing in a functional dishwasher or a spacious fridge.

If you are saving on cabinets, invest in quality countertops to balance out the essence of your kitchen. A superb countertop not only looks appealing but can also outlive the effects of time and your cooking. Stone, granite, or marble are highly-resistant natural materials that will survive the thermal impact of hot pans or steam. If properly cared for, your countertops will live a long and joyous life.

Functional and soft close cabinets are no longer a matter of luxury. When remodeling your kitchen, splurge on plywood cabinets characterized by durability and high resale potential. Shop around for quality cabinets with ergonomic and storage properties – beautiful and high-value finishes do not necessarily equal a jaw-dropping price tag.

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Assessing Your Kitchen Design Needs

For a kitchen to fulfill its essential functions, it must be designed and arranged in an appropriate and suitable manner. Contrary to appearances, designing your kitchen is not an easy task to tackle since the room should be not only convenient and functional but also cozy, stylish, and purely tasteful.


Kitchen Functionality

With kitchen remodeling, arrangement is quite a challenge that requires careful consideration and paying attention to several details. In this case, the rush is your vicious enemy since the lack of a plan, hasty decisions, and ill-judged kitchen appliances may result in numerous errors. So, what should we take into account when designing a kitchen wisely?


Your Household

One of Los Angeles kitchen remodeling basic criteria when crafting a kitchen arrangement is the people who will be using it. Consider your family members: a bachelor’s kitchen will be organized differently than for a family with children. Who is your gourmet chef at home? If your interactive family has multiple cooks, it might be a good idea to invest in a suitable working space, where everyone gets their own corner of joy. Comparably, a kitchen for the elderly or individuals with disabilities should be arranged accordingly, bearing in mind their needs and abilities.

It is equally important to consider the presence of young children at home. The layout of your kitchen should be all about safety – kitchen furniture, household appliances with their position, as well as other accessories, equipment, and installations that are set and secured without posing a potential threat.


The Size, Type, and Shape of The Room

Another factor influencing the design of a kitchen is its dimensions says Los Angeles kitchen remodeling experts. The plan should consider the characteristics of the room, such as its area. A kitchen with a large scope provides many possibilities for a contractor, while a small kitchen’s arrangements require the use of many tricks that will facilitate cooking.

The kitchen layout is another element that demands appropriate measures. Whether it’s a kitchenette, a one-wall, U-Shaped, L-Shaped, galley, or an island kitchen – everything matters. The idea is to make each space as ergonomic as possible.

Household members, the size, shape, and type of your kitchen are not the only criteria that should be considered. Individual preferences are equally significant. When looking for inspiration, acknowledge your own needs related to both comfort and aesthetics.


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Important Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Contractor

Before starting any renovation, we should discuss the matter in detail with a contractor and ask a few crucial questions regarding the course of work. Determining the costs, time, subject, and scope of the planned renovation or selecting necessary materials is the basis for making decisions regarding future cooperation. The more we have in writing, the more we can feel safe. Some of the details that we might want to include in the contract are related to determining the effects of failure to meet the deadlines or damage at the workplace. What other questions should you ask your potential contractor?

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1) Who else works for you?

The question is not intended to examine a hired specialist. Any possible verification of his qualifications should occur at the searching stage, such as a portfolio of previous projects or reviews. Assuming that the contractor knows his profession, we can also specify whether he will actually be responsible for the entire project. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, determine if the company utilizes subcontractors or other helpers for particular tasks, such as gas or electrical installations.

What will be used during renovations?

Looking into a tool bag may not be the best way to start a relationship. Let’s assume it is equipped with the appropriate instruments. However, it is in our interest to precisely define what materials will be employed during the renovation. If we do not buy them ourselves, discuss with the contractor the following: what, in what quantities, and why will it be purchased. Follow your contractor’s professional advice, but also clearly express your expectations. Every contractor has their own habits, favorite product brands, or discounts. And that is appropriate as long as the purchasing decisions correlate with favorable outcomes and your satisfaction.

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What’s the action plan?

Clearly, it is difficult to imagine starting renovations without a concrete project strategy or at least the most important assumptions of the plan. The preliminary findings may be quite general and require ongoing verification. Suppose we are passive about the timeline, course of action, and decisions. In that case, it may turn out that the refrigerator cable does not reach the socket, the shower faucet is mounted on the wrong wall, and the house’s facade welcomes guests with paint instead of plaster. Why may this happen? Your contractor is also a human being, and he may have his own vision that he can implement wherever there have been no specific arrangements.

Additionally, the specificity of home renovation consists of emerging unexpected situations that sometimes change the initial assumptions. In any case, be in control of those changes. It is not about being a nuisance, sticking our nose in every corner. Define your expectations and be active in your home renovation. Your contractor will thank you for that.


What our past clients have to say

“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a contractor. Julian was professional and creative, and he came up with ideas for our kitchen remodeling that we didn’t even think of but improved the flow of the kitchen, and within our budget. The kitchen looked amazing in the end as well.”
– Benjamin Chapman
“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a contractor. Julian was professional and creative, and he came up with ideas for our kitchen remodeling that we didn’t even think of but improved the flow of the kitchen, and within our budget. The kitchen looked amazing in the end as well.”
– Benjamin Chapman
“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a contractor. Julian was professional and creative, and he came up with ideas for our kitchen remodeling that we didn’t even think of but improved the flow of the kitchen, and within our budget. The kitchen looked amazing in the end as well.”
– Benjamin Chapman


A Kitchen Of Your Dreams – kitchen remodeling according to your needs and preferences.

It’s hard to negate the notion that people have various likes and dislikes, which has a direct impact on the way our home is arranged, including kitchen design. Tailor-made renovations by Los Angeles kitchen remodeling follow the basic principles of ergonomics is a dream come true. What to remember when designing your kitchen?

  • individual needs and requirements,
  • Functionality and comfort,
  • Position of household appliances,
  • Kitchen furniture,
  • Wall colors and backsplash,
  • Other furniture and floors,
  • Lighting, style, type of materials, and accessories.

Your budget should be included in your arrangement plans. Determining the financial resources allocated to the kitchen of your dreams and strictly sticking to the planned expenses will help you make rational decisions and avoid unexpected costs. However, keep in mind that during most renovations, a few hidden imperfections may show up. To avoid the struggle of coming up with extra money to cover the expenses, implement a small portion of your budget in your plan toward the unforeseen costs.


Ideal Layout Options for Larger Kitchens

Once you have a few kitchen remodeling ideas and know if you prefer a closed or open area, you can move onto specific plans with a Los Angeles kitchen remodeling company.

If possible, implement L-shaped kitchen units with a large island in the epicenter of the room. You can freely use this layout for both open and closed kitchens. That particular set-up increases functionality when preparing meals.

Another versatile option is a U-shaped kitchen, providing more cabinet storage and smooth movement throughout the area with an island in the middle.


Ideal Layout Options for Smaller Kitchens

Los Angeles kitchen remodeling companies recommends the Galley layout is your go-to if you do not have a large and open kitchen space. The design features a long and narrow set-up, providing enough countertop space for your cooking endeavors and spacious cabinets for storage.


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Small Kitchen Design Hacks

A small kitchen is often quite a challenge when it comes to its arrangement. Designing a kitchen with a small area requires many tricks. And with Los Angeles kitchen remodeling yet it is possible – even a tiny room can be comfortable and functional. A few smart actions are enough for a small kitchen to gain its own unique style.

Small kitchen arrangements are guided by their own rules – and this applies to every piece of furniture and appliance. What should we remember when remodeling a small kitchen?

  • light colors of the cabinets will visually enlarge the room,
  • aim for glossy surfaces as those reflect light and make the room appear larger and brighter,
  • the size of the furniture should be adapted to the size of your kitchen – a small round table might work better than a multi-person table taking up half of the room,
  • if you have a narrow kitchen, the row of cabinets should be on one side, while the L-shaped arrangement might work in a square area,
  • cabinets with sliding doors instead of opening outwards will work best,
  • a small kitchen requires the use of every available space, which includes furniture equipped with baskets, hangers and organizers, cabinets suspended throughout the entire height of the wall, practical shelves for various containers, cup hangers, or rails for kitchen accessories,
  • consider retractable countertops, which can also act as a table, or tops attached to the wall unfolding during meals,
  • a small kitchen likes glass, such as glass cupboard doors,
  • adequate lighting, which consists of at least several elements.


Modular Cabinets

Modular cabinets are an interesting solution, ideally suited for a small kitchen that can be freely arranged, moved, and added. Modular kitchen furniture will allow you to create a set tailored to the needs and space possibilities, facilitating a small kitchen design.

Although challenging to arrange, a small kitchen does not prevent creating a warm, functional, and comfortable space. Utilizing a few basic tricks is enough to enjoy an ergonomic and aesthetic place.