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About Us

The team at LA Xtreme Remodeling focuses on bringing our clients’ renovation dreams to life. Our skilled designers and contractors know that creating a perfect home the renovation needs to be precise, long-lasting and never compromise on quality.

Years of experience in the home improvement field means our team has developed the skill and expertise to offer far better results than our competitors. Each project we complete gives us the chance to make our renovation process even better and more efficient, meaning our customers experience a renovation that is fast, affordable and durable.

Combining 30 years of experience means we understand our customer’s exact needs and are more than capable of designing and building the best result for you.

Our Story

Our founder Rafal Trojan established Xtreme Remodeling with the vision of creating a company that combines the talent of only those with proven experience and a love for their trade, home improvement. Mr. Trojan stands by the quote that ‘a jack of all trades is a master of none,’ showing his determination to create a workplace and a team that is entirely devoted to their work and creating amazing results.

During Rafal’s childhood, his parents designed and built three beautiful homes, and as he witnessed their construction by his devoted and committed parents, he learned that there is no substitute for dedicated and passionate craftsmanship. Learning from his parent's pride and fulfillment from building their homes, Rafal knew that this is what he wanted to do with his life - provide people with a feeling of contentment and satisfaction through flawless construction work.

Rafal knew that to provide the excellent results he wanted to offer, he needed to build his experience. So he went on to spend 6 years working in the construction and remodeling industry, learning to work efficiently and how to present customers with the highest quality results, as well as being on schedule. Following these 6 years, he believed that with his thoroughly developed skills he could move on to develop a business specifically created to offer perfect, precise and timely renovations and remodels.

Learning from his parent's passion, Mr. Trojan knew that to create a company that excelled in its field it must follow four simple rules;

  • All craftsman must love and be passionate about what they do.
  • Only highest quality materials are used and are essential to provide perfect results.
  • To satisfy customers all work must be done by a devoted and skilled expert craftsmen.
  • That all work must be completed on schedule.

Soon after recruiting a small team of five dedicated employees, Rafal grew his business to include a design studio, an architect team and a steady growth of contractors and support staff. Striving for a positive-only response from every customer is what has grown Xtreme Remodeling to be one of the largest remodeling firms in the Chicago and pushed its expansion into Los Angeles.

After four very successful years of operation in Los Angeles, Xtreme Remodeling has high hopes for the future and the development and expansion of its services.

Our Team

Rafal knew that in the construction industry a vast majority of businesses bypass quality work and focus on a quick profit, he wanted to create the polar opposite of this for Xtreme Remodeling.

Remembering his parent's dedication and pride after completing their family homes, Rafal knew that choosing only the finest and most dedicated employees would provide quality results that met customer timeframes.

How has Xtreme Remodeling offered unparalleled results?

  • Each employee loves what they do and has a passion for great customer service and providing superior craftsmanship
  • Cheap subcontractors who preset inferior work are refused. They simply don’t reach Xtreme Remodeling’s standard.
  • All employees are subject to stringent qualification checks and reviews of their previous work and capabilities.

We never compromise on quality, and neither should you.


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Lets save a bunch from the start with energy efficiency choices and pick the proper fixtures, windows, roof, hvac and add Solar panels. We will use all available State, Federal and local programs and get thousands back to you.

What is going to be unique about the livingroom, bedroom, kitchen, garage etc.?

Besides floor layout, comfort and energy savings. What special about sound, security, accessibility?

We share our magical touch in engineering and years in construction. We stretch in quality and increase comfort under super budge.

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