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Bathroom Remodeling Los Angeles
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The bathroom is your sanctuary, a place where you can unwind after a long day, shelter from the rest of your family for an hour of at-home spa treatments. So while living in Los Angeles CA, it shouldn’t be surprising that we all seek a personalized approach to remodeling this particular place of our home while implementing ergonomics and current trends at the same time.

As much as we want to achieve an expression of our personal style and beautify the surroundings, our bathroom has to deliver the appropriate comfort and functionality, utilizing the right fixtures and amenities.  With that being said, where do I start?

I want that!


Design a Bathroom Remodel Plan

When it comes to bathroom remodeling Los Angeles, before you begin planning the colors of the walls or the type of vanity, verify the needs of all the household members that will be using the bathroom. Trends and solutions presented in magazines, interior design portals, or Pinterest will certainly provide inspiration, but the most crucial principle of a renovation should be personal conviction about a given solution and its functionality. Before making any decisions about the purchases, selection of materials and colors, you need to determine the needs and habits of your family. Will it be possible to manage hygiene or skincare products on the shelf above the sink, or is it better to hide them in closed cabinets? Do you have room for a jacuzzi, or should you opt for a shower cubicle? Or maybe both? The answer most often depends on the available space of the room and your budget. If those are limited, an ideal solution might be a walk-in shower enclosure. Its characteristic feature is a flat tray or a contoured tiled floor and glass covers without moving parts or doors. The room will seem much larger, more spacious, and exceptionally cozy. Decorative stone, architectural concrete, or fashionable wood can look very attractive and elegant, but it also requires proper maintenance. If you don’t have time for such care or lack the budget, consider a more practical solution, such as traditional ceramic tiles.


Zones, Colors, and Patterns

With stylish Los Angeles CA colors and tile patterns, we can create cozy areas in the bathroom or visually enlarge the space. Bright colors tend to work well in small bathrooms, which doesn’t mean that the wall has to be uniform and monotonous. By applying decors that will diversify the surface, your bathroom will achieve a touch of personal and unique character. If you have a large bathroom, you also have an enormous space for creativity. Focus on the principle of contrast – dark and light surfaces adjacent to each other. You can also produce an effective decoration with mosaic inserts.

When arranging the space in your bathroom remodel, consider separating the bathing part, such as the bathtub and cubicle, from the toilet and washbasin. One solution is to install a partition wall, not necessarily reaching up to the ceiling, which optically isolates the annexes. If the wall is not an option, you can play around with the colors and patterns of the tile to visually use them for zoning. A fragment of a wall lined with tiles in a different color or with a different design will create the impression of a slightly different, separate space.


Kick-Off Your Bathroom Remodeling with a Technical Advice

Despite the wealth of inspiration in the field of interior design, many people in Los Angeles CA still have doubts about where to start planning a bathroom remodel renovation. Before beginning the remodeling process, you should consider whether you plan to change the functional layout of the room, which may include replacing the bathtub or installing a bidet. If you are unsure whether it is possible to change the existing installation, reach out for a piece of advice from a bathroom remodeling Los Angeles professional. Contacting a specialist at the renovation planning stage will help to estimate not only its duration but, most of all – costs. Every renovation planning should assume in advance an additional percentage to the established budget for unexpected expenses.

The pillar of each remodeling in Los Angeles CA is the qualified team and appropriate appliances. Bathroom equipment should be thought of in advance since the waiting time for products may reach several weeks. When planning the purchase of tiles, it is a common practice to reserve ten percent in case of damage during or after renovation. Most manufacturers provide the option of returning the remaining unused amount of products.

Include your Los Angeles CA contractor in the bathroom planning process. They will clarify whether your vision is reasonable and attainable, offer their own advice on the specifics of the renovation while keeping your concept in mind. Also, purchasing materials prior to talking to a contractor might be a bad idea. Many contractors can get the supplies needed with more significant discounts and expedited manner.



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Bathroom Tailored To Your Preference

A customized bathroom arrangement keeps homeowners awake at night. Whether you want a unique color for your vanity, a wood beam, or an unusual design or size of a bathtub, the process can be tricky and time-consuming. With the help of professional contractors, your bathroom can achieve its individual style and glamour.

We often underestimate the storage need in the bathroom, and the standard vanity may not be as functional in that department. Bathroom cabinets have come a long way, offering outstanding solutions to virtually any type of bathroom. With additional storage, you will save time and hassle running to the closets for linens or toiletries. With bathroom remodeling Los Angeles your vanity will gain a neatly organized effect when we stop storing all of the essentials on its countertop. Always keep in mind that every purchase should be run by your contractor, as certain materials may not be suitable for a steamy environment, or the dimensions may not work for your bathroom. Each piece requires professional installation to avoid future complications.

When designing a new bathroom in Los Angeles CA, take into account the latest trends, popular colors, and other solutions found in interior design magazines, catalogs, or the internet. Finding inspiration is an excellent method to arrange a modern and functional bathroom. However, let’s not forget about the basic rule – this is your bathroom. It should be designed in a way that speaks to your character and habits. Only then will we be satisfied with the effect of the renovation.


What our past clients have to say

“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a contractor. Julian was professional and creative, and he came up with ideas for our kitchen remodeling that we didn’t even think of but improved the flow of the kitchen, and within our budget. The kitchen looked amazing in the end as well.”
– Benjamin Chapman
“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a contractor. Julian was professional and creative, and he came up with ideas for our kitchen remodeling that we didn’t even think of but improved the flow of the kitchen, and within our budget. The kitchen looked amazing in the end as well.”
– Benjamin Chapman
“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a contractor. Julian was professional and creative, and he came up with ideas for our kitchen remodeling that we didn’t even think of but improved the flow of the kitchen, and within our budget. The kitchen looked amazing in the end as well.”
– Benjamin Chapman


What About Bathroom Ventilation?

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting journey, a way to reflect your personality and unique style. Choosing a new vanity or picking wall colors can be fun. Still, bathroom renovation involves less entertaining concepts to ensure your new place can outstand the effects of moisture and prevent the accumulation of mold and mildew, which can impact the floors, walls, and especially your health.

It is extremely important to have the proper ventilation in your bathroom as it is a room with more humidity compared to other rooms in the house. Washing your hands, taking a shower and even flushing the toilet all adds moisture into the air. With quality ventilation, you can remove all of the trapped moisture in your bathroom, which is highly beneficial. It makes the room more comfortable, stops bacteria from growing, even prevents mold and mildew from spreading. The best way to get rid of the moisture in your bathroom is to invest in a ventilation fan that is the correct size for your bathroom. You will need it to move the moist air into your air ducts and directs it outside of your home. A good tip is to run your ventilation fan for about 15 minutes after each shower, but beware that leaving it on longer then the said time will result in letting in more humidity than you are leaving out. Using a timer would be a good idea to avoid this from happening.


Ways to Save Space in the Bathroom

If your bathroom has enough space for a bathtub, custom-made bathtubs can be the best solution. Commonly available ceramics are most often produced in universal sizes that can overwhelm our room and take up the necessary space. A well-sized bathtub will not only be more functional but also look more presentable, which has an impact on our sense of comfort.

A medicine cabinet mirror is an ideal alternative to maximize storage when working with limited bathroom space. Cosmetic products standing loosely on our vanity cabinet collect dust and create an impression of chaos. By investing in a quality medicine cabinet, you can create a cozy and organized bathroom space.

Believe it or not, but you can save bathroom space through a proper choice of a toilet. A wall-hanging toilet makes it much easier to keep the floor clean and consumes less bathroom space. A newer invention, a one-piece compact toilet provides similar features with a visible and easily accessible water tank.


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