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Solar Panels

Envision a future without electricity bills, carbon emissions or the stress of constantly monitoring your power consumption. We welcome this future with Solar Plus One, LA’s premier solar installer.

Economically improve your home by installing high-efficiency solar panels. Give yourself peace of mind and the ability to offset all of your newly installed appliances, like A/C units, ovens, and lights, helping cut your utility bills.

Utilizing bleeding edge PV technology means Solar Plus One’s panels produce 25% more electricity per panel than panels installed in 2010. You’ll be generating more electricity, in less space.

Our partners at Solar Plus One are your gateway to clean and affordable solar power. A hands-on and prompt approach means your switch to solar is simple and swift. This is the answer you’ve been searching for.

If you switch before December 2019 you’re even eligible for California Solar Initiative’s 30% tax credit.