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A climate controlled space is paramount to increase comfort and productivity in your home. An efficient, yet powerful A/C system gives you complete control over your home’s comfort level as well as remaining energy efficient.

During summer we rely on few essential items; sunscreen, ice water and our air conditioner. No matter how high temperatures climb outdoors, you should always be able to keep your home as comfortable, chilled and relaxed as possible.

At L.A. Xtreme Remodeling we offer a number of air conditioning systems to suit any home and any sized budget, from central cooling to room A/C’s there is sure to be a solution perfect for you.

The most versatile and elegant way to keep your entire home’s climate under control is a ducted cooling system. Chilled air is directed through vents, cooling every room in your home silently, using just one system, and without requiring an A/C unit in each room.

Installing a climate control system is the greatest way to compliment your home and provides an essential necessity to maintain comfort. Advances in A/C efficiency even allow you to save power when cooling your home, reducing your utility bills.