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A complete roof renovation is necessary when the old, outdated covering is damaged, which poses many risks for homeowners in Los Angeles CA. Unsightly roof affects the aesthetics of our home, which is another indicator it might need some work or full replacement. In some cases, a simple repair might be sufficient, but if mere touchups cannot save your roof, you should consider a complete replacement.

The roof protects the house structure against adverse weather conditions. Regular Los Angeles roofing technical inspection of the entire truss and roofing is recommended to ensure your family’s safety and reduce the costs of future renovations. Roofing in Los Angeles is performed primarily for two reasons: damage to the old structure or when converting an ordinary attic into a usable living space.

We invite you to learn the basics of Los Angeles roofing from our experts at LA Top Renovation. We created a comprehensive guide to help you understand the dynamics of Los Angeles roofing rejuvenation.


When is a roof renovation necessary?

Roof repair or replacement is necessary in the event of damage to the sheathing or roof truss. Cracks or gaps in the roof decking are the leading cause of leakage in homes in Los Angeles CA. When this happens, the renovation should be carried out as soon as possible. If the roof sheathing is left incomplete or cracked, there is a risk that the ceilings will soak and damage the entire roof framework. You can contact us for an inspection and Free Estimates.

In Los Angeles roofing damage to truss is usually caused by moisture or an insect and fungi attack. A molded wooden truss loses its durability, and its elements begin to bend. As you can guess – the situation may cause the roof structure to collapse, resulting in preventable damages and the necessity of urgent replacement.


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Roof Inspection

In order to know what specific steps should be taken in terms of Los Angeles roofing renovation, it is worth reaching out to an expert in Los Angeles CA who will assess the current condition of the covering and structural elements. A professional roof inspection will generate a plan for appropriate action. The appraiser can be an adequately trained roofer or contractor. If we feel up to it, we can make a preliminary inspection on our own. First, we should locate the places of leaks or the fragments of the covering which are most damaged, such as bent roofing shingles, broken shingles, or discoloration. An exterior inspection will determine if there is any disturbance to the gutter system. If possible, verify the roof’s condition from the inside, which will help you establish whether there are any cracked, twisted, or bent elements of the wooden roof truss, as well as sunken fragments of the covering. Remember – only a specialized roofer or contractor will determine whether the truss, despite its defects, maintains sufficient load-bearing capacity and whether it can support the new covering. You can also acquire Free Estimates from us by simply filling up the form below.


Preparation for Roof Renovation

Carrying out a proper roof inspection will allow us to better prepare for the necessary work. Regardless of whether it will be enough to replace individual parts of the roof or disassemble and install a new one, a large heavy-duty poly tarp is essential to cover the wooden roof truss and other elements of the structure. The tarp protects against adverse Los Angeles CA weather conditions.

A roof inspection will also help purchase the necessary amount of materials that we will have to use during the renovation. Keep in mind that your insulation and gutter system may also need replacement, requiring new gutters, eaves drip flashing, and gutter hooks. If we plan to insulate the attic during renovation, we will need the necessary amount of thermal insulation material.

Expert tip: Both the inspection and all renovation works should be entrusted to specialists trained in the roofing field. Remember that the truss or covering replacement is an extremely difficult task, and it determines the safety of the entire building and its residents. If you don’t have the appropriate qualifications, you should not do it yourself.



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Attic Insulation

Stripping the old roofing is also an invaluable opportunity to take care of the thermal comfort of the attic. Attic insulation consists of adding an additional layer of thermal insulation or removing the old one and substitute it with a material with much better properties. If you are aiming for quality, the inside can be enhanced with mineral wool of high thermal and acoustic parameters. This is especially significant if the attic is being remodeled for living purposes. In attics intended for utility, we can add a thin layer of a hard and non-absorbent material, such as polyurethane or extruded polystyrene on the outside, which will also significantly increase the thermal insulation of the entire roof. You can also apply for Free Estimates using the form above.


Roof Truss Renovation

In some cases, Los Angeles roofing replacement is not enough, and it may be necessary to repair or disassemble the old roof trust. Unfortunately, it is usually tricky to renovate it without removing the roofing material. If we decide to repair structural elements only, we should first ensure the roof truss’s strengthening and its fumigation and deworming. Additional or new rafters and collar supports might be necessary to fortify the framework further.

Some contractors in Los Angeles CA use steel strips as a method of stiffening. Fragments that have been infected by fungi and pests that destroy construction timber should also be replaced. The entire structure should be thoroughly impregnated with fungicides and insecticides.

Expert tip: Sometimes, the roof truss’s damage is so extensive that it may be necessary to remove it and lay new structural elements on which the roofing will be based. It most often happens when the mechanical damage accounts for approximately fifty percent of the whole structure or when the mold growth exceeds twenty percent. This might be an excellent opportunity to raise the attic’s height or change the geometry of the roof, modernizing the building.

What our past clients have to say

“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a contractor. Julian was professional and creative, and he came up with ideas for our kitchen remodeling that we didn’t even think of but improved the flow of the kitchen, and within our budget. The kitchen looked amazing in the end as well.”
– Benjamin Chapman
“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a contractor. Julian was professional and creative, and he came up with ideas for our kitchen remodeling that we didn’t even think of but improved the flow of the kitchen, and within our budget. The kitchen looked amazing in the end as well.”
– Benjamin Chapman
“This was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a contractor. Julian was professional and creative, and he came up with ideas for our kitchen remodeling that we didn’t even think of but improved the flow of the kitchen, and within our budget. The kitchen looked amazing in the end as well.”
– Benjamin Chapman



What questions should I ask my contractor?

In Los Angeles roofing industry, finding an affordable yet qualified roofing contractor can be challenging. If a leaking roof wasn’t enough, you are facing new issues related to budget, reliable professionals, and getting familiar with the novel concept of home renovations. This is especially true if you are a new homeowner and never dealt with such matters before. During the process, it is important to prepare a list of questions you might want to ask your contractor. Or, simply contact us for an inspection and for Free Estimates.

Is the roofing company licensed?

This question may seem like a no-brainer, but the reality might surprise you. Most states guide construction companies, this includes Los Angeles roofing companies – by a set of rules and regulations, which require obtaining a particular license, but those differ across states and areas. Make sure you are working with roofers that comply with the codes and requirements of your state. It protects you if something goes wrong along the roofing renovation process.

Do they have a Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

It may seem like you shouldn’t even have to ask those questions since workman’s comp insurance is now required by law, but it won’t hurt you if you do. If any injury occurs during the renovation process, you might be the one responsible for liabilities, including medical expenses.

What about the waste material container?

The Los Angeles roofing job produces tons of refuse materials that need to be appropriately disposed of. A reputable roofing company will organize a container for waste materials, such as old shingles, nails, or eaves drips. This should not be your responsibility.

Is the old roof subject to removal?

Placing a new cover over the old roof sounds crazy and can severely damage and overwhelm the entire supporting structure. If you are deciding on the complete roof renovation, make sure the contractors will disassemble the old roof before placing a new one.


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