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How to Plan a Kitchen Remodeling Project

It is said that the kitchen is often the most-used room in your entire house. It’s where you prepare, cook, and enjoy meals, but it also often ends up being the room you entertain in, hang out in, and just naturally flock to. With that said, it makes perfect sense that homeowners want a kitchen that not only provides them with the functional kind of space needed to cook, but also a space that feels open, relaxing, stylish, and welcoming.

Now, before you race ahead with any sort of remodeling project, it’s always wise to put a plan in place. This will ensure that things are done in the proper order, you get the kind of results you had envisioned, and that you to stick to your budget. Here’s a look at some of the basic tips and steps you can take when you plan on Kitchen Remodeling Los Angeles.


Will You Be Hiring a Contractor?

A great place to start with the planning process is to give thought as to whether you want to hire a contractor. A kitchen remodel project can be rather extensive, especially if you’re looking at changing the cupboards, flooring, countertops, reconfiguring the layout, and even expanding the size of the kitchen. Much of these types of renovations require skill, experience, and knowledge – all of which a contractor can provide.

In the case of expanding the kitchen, if you’re thinking about an addition on the home then you may also need a permit which the contractor can advise you on and get for you. The more changes you intend to make in the kitchen, the more it makes sense to look into a contractor.


What is Your Budget?

The next thing to give thought to is your budget. If you’re working with a contractor, you can give them your wish list, and they can put together a quote for you. This will at least give you an idea of whether or not your expectations will match up with the reality of your budget.

When setting your budget, it’s always a good idea to give it a little cushion that can address any issues that may pop up. Ideally, you won’t run into any unforeseen issues but there is never a guarantee. If you’re gutting the kitchen, for example, you never quite know what you may run into.

These extra funds are referred to as a contingency, and it’s something that any designer or contractor will recommend including in the actual budget.


What’s Your Vision?

This is also the time to think about your vision. What is your dream kitchen? Scrolling through pictures online, in magazines, and even using the homes of friends and family can act as inspiration. It’s not about copying a design you see, rather it’s picking up those details and design choices that you like and that would work in your home.

You can even focus on the materials themselves, such as a particular type of tile backsplash, specific flooring, or even the hardware.


The Layout Makes a Huge Difference

Did you know that the layout will also make a massive impact on how the end result looks and feels? Experts recommend that you use the kitchen triangle layout. This is meant to be a three-sided layout that includes the sink, stove, and refrigerator all within steps of each other.

The reason this layout is so popular is that it follows the natural flow you use in the kitchen when preparing and cooking meals. You don’t want to be at the sink on one side of the room, only to walk way over to another corner to go into the fridge. It’s about convenience, efficiency, and functionality.


Do You Plan on Replacing the Appliances?

As you work on the design plan, this is also a good time to ask yourself if you plan on replacing the appliances. If you want any custom appliances that may be over-sized, this needs to be decided before construction begins.


How High-End Do You Want to Go?

The kitchen is one of those spaces you can easily spend well over the budget just on the materials themselves. There are all different levels/grades of materials, so it’s wise to ask yourself how high-end you want and are willing to go. Maybe you go high-end with some choices, and then make more budget-friendly choices on other materials. Again, this is something your contractor can help you to figure out.


Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams

By following each of these steps and tips, you’ll be putting together a well-thought-out design plan that ensures your vision of a dream kitchen becomes a reality. It also helps to ensure that you’ll have less issues and surprises cropping up during the remodel process, making for smooth sailing.


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