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How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom in Los Angeles?

The bathroom is one of those rooms in the house you don’t always give much thought to. It’s not like you’re hanging out in there, you don’t entertain in the bathroom, so it’s easy for it to take a backseat when it comes to renovations and remodels. However, over time, it’s only natural that this room becomes dated and worn looking, and is far from the luxurious spa-like atmosphere you may be hoping for.

If you’ve decided that 2021 is going to be the year you finally tackle the bathroom and do a remodel, then there’s no doubt that you’re curious as to what the budget should be. For those living in Los Angeles, being aware of the return on your investment is key and knowing that a beautiful and luxurious bathroom is something that potential buyers rank high on their must-haves list can really help you to push ahead with the project.

Let’s take a look at how much Bathroom Remodeling Los Angeles costs, so you’ll see exactly where the money will go.


A Standard Figure to Work With

Right out of the gate, most contractors will tell you that, to remodel a bathroom in a high-end manner, giving it all those luxurious touches, you’re looking at the top end coming out at around $60,000. This is of course for a master bathroom sized room, as a smaller bathroom will come in at a lower price point. It will also be dependent on how extensive of a renovation you plan on doing. Are you gutting the bathroom or are you just swapping out some of the finishes?


Do You Plan on Expanding the Bathroom?

A big factor when setting your budget will be whether or not you plan on expanding the bathroom, which could include using space from neighboring rooms or hallways, or even building an extension. This would be a much more labor-intensive project, and then you’re dealing with more materials than a basic remodel.

If your goal is to create more space, however, this truly may be the only way to go and is well-worth the money spent. It’s something your designer and/or contractor can discuss, draw up the plans, and give you a more exact quote on.


Tiling Will Be the Main Portion of the Budget

In terms of the most expensive item in the remodel project, that is often the tiling. When you think about how much tiling there is in a bathroom, it makes sense that this would eat up a large portion of the budget. Tiling includes the flooring, a backsplash, a shower stall (the flooring and the wall), and tiling on a wall next to a bathtub.

Besides the sheer quantity of the tiling, the other factor is the type of tile you pick. Some of the most popular types of bathroom tile include slate, ceramic, marble, and porcelain. Tiling also requires a lot of skill and time to install it properly, which will add to the cost of labor. You want to be sure it’s done right though or else it will throw off the entire look of the bathroom.

To break things down further, the average maximum price for wall tiles is $8/sq ft and shower tiles are $6/sq ft. Other options may include a marble tub surround, cultured marble showers, and shower inserts. Backsplashes are pricier than the shower and tub tiles, so again, you’ll need to factor that into the cost.


Replacing the Tub and Shower

Another large expense can be the tub and shower if you plan on replacing them. Because these are such substantial features in the bathroom, if you truly want that sophisticated spa-like feel, you’re most likely going to want to replace them. Both come in a wide array of sizes and styles, so it really comes down to how much space you have in the bathroom, what the design is that you’re going for, and how much work you want to put into having them installed.

On the high-end, and the more luxurious end, a new bathtub is around the $9,000 price point. A shower is a bit more varied in price since it depends on the materials, but on average, the high end is around $8,000.


The Sink and Vanity Offer Many Options

Then there is the sink and vanity which can also come in at various price points. It will come down to how large the vanity is, how many sinks are in it, the countertop material, and whether it’s a custom vanity or not.

By factoring each of these items into the budget, you’ll be able to ensure that the end result is nothing short of spectacular. A luxurious and stylish bathroom can be yours with the right remodel decisions.


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